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Reduce Your Risk

D Executive Protection Inc- aka"DEP" is the premier security firm providing physical and virtual security solutions to
almost every industry nationwide. We do not go to war for bids we win with security solutions.


D Executive Protection Inc is a specialized group of elite security pros that commit to the highest standard of our blue-chip security approach ensuring each client has a proven method to meet the needs of their unique security detail. We use over 20 plus years of security experience, creative thinking, and common sense that will protect your assets, property, and stakeholders with an excellent level of service.


Security by its very nature is a susceptible issue at D Executive Protection Inc. All of our services assure total discretion, loyalty, timeliness, and confidence in our delivery.


Planning+ Prevention+ Protection=Peace of Mind 


1810 E Sahara Ave #226,

Las Vegas, NV 89104,


(702) 723-0071

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