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Peacemakers’ Training and Safety Services 

D Executive Protection raises the bar in neighborhood safety and security. Our approach has reduced violence, crime, and vandalism by 63%!

D Executive Protection provides PEACEMAKERS training services that offer professional development opportunities for various stakeholders, including change agents and violence interrupter staff. This is accomplished through credentialing and comprehensive training that focuses on self-care, prevention, and safe response, ultimately improving neighborhood safety and relationship building.

Shield of Resilience

This one-hour online course assists violence interrupters, front-line workers, and security officers in gaining a deeper understanding of and managing unique behavioral health stressors related to their professions.



This CAPCE-accredited course, which lasts for one hour, focuses on occupational stressors, mental health, substance abuse concerns, and effective coping strategies tailored for violence interrupters, neighborhood safety workers, and emergency services personnel.

Safer Scenes (De-escalation)

This CAPCE-accredited course, lasting 1.5 hours, includes hands-on simulations to aid security personnel, community leaders, and violence interrupters in evaluating risks and employing safe, positive methods when aiding individuals in active mental crises, under the influence, or with substance use disorders.

What Our Clients Say

Young Businesswoman

Keisha D. Community Housing Director

D Executive Protection is not a typical security agency with "guards" Their agents are highly trained Peacemakers who not only provide exceptional protective services but also training that has prevented and de-esclated highly charged matters. 

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